Frequently Asked Skate Questions

Are there any free skate parks around town?

There are a few regional parks with modest skate facilities. Here’s a list of free local parks to help you find the best spot for your wants…

What’s the difference between a skateboard and longboard?

Board size and shape is a matter of personal preference, but there are some fundamental differences between the more traditional trick skateboards and the more recent style of longboards. Traditional street skateboards are seemingly uniform in size and shape while longboards can vary by inches and even feet in some dimensions. Wheels are available in wider varieties of softness and diameter and specialty trucks can really change the way a longboard skates. Generally speaking a kid’s first skateboard is likely to be a traditional “skateboard”, but the “longboard” genre of skateboarding is attracting more interest than ever. Here’s an example of a traditional street skateboard.

Can anyone skate the Innerlight Skateboarding Training Facility?

The training facility [ILTF] is accessible to members of the skate and surf teams, employees, and their pre-approved guests during designated times. Additionally, we offer Skate Lessons and will offer a Skate Camp in Summer of 2014 inside the training facility. Other ways to enjoy the training facility is during event like contests, demos, and premiere…and even during special promotions like the current Vans Promo…spend $50 on Vans Apparel or Shoes and get a 2-Hour Skate Session. Don’t miss out on that one!!!