…in a variety of shapes and structures built solely for the purpose of skating. Innerlight Skate Team’s current layout includes:

  • the 4′ Backyard Bowl
  • two opposing bank ramps
  • a collection of boxes, benches, and rails

The Innerlight Skateboarding Training Facility is only open to the public during events and contests unless otherwise posted. I know right, bummer….not necessarily. Check out our events page to see the next time we’ll be throwing down back there and be sure to join us. And don’t worry…we’re constantly coming up with ways to share the skate facility.

Here’s a list of a ways to skate Innerlight’s Training Facility…

  • join the Innerlight Skate Team…easier said than done, but do send your “sponsor me” videos to innerlightskate@gmail.com
  • contact shannon@innerlightsurf.com about scheduling an Innerlight Skate Lesson!!!
  • join us next summer for our Innerlight Skate Camps!!!
*All guests must have a signed waiver on file before entering the Innerlight Skateboarding Training Facility. Children under the age of 18 must have a notarized waiver signed by their parents on file.

Download the Innerlight Skateboard Facility Waiver: